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Bliss Factory inc. serves as an incubator for social impact initiatives and media projects.

We’re here to provide jobs and represent critical issues.

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All funds or donations received go directly into Bliss Factory Initiatives and the causes we support.

We recognize our community includes LGBTQ+ Identifying, Black & Minorities, Refugees, Veterans, Native Americans, those with mental and physical health problems, all marginalized members of the community, and simply those who do not have upward economic ability.

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Bliss Factory inc is a non-profit 501(c)(3)

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Bliss Factory | INSPIRE

Bliss Factory Project: INSPIRE is a New York City waterfront and environmental awareness initiative.

Our goal is to save this last American wooden racing sailboat of an era, fully restore and preserve the boat, and launch our initiatives for all to enjoy.

In 2021, Bliss Factory was donated an antique sloop-style sailboat for the purpose to breath life back into New York City’s waterfront and providing a new example of environmental awareness.

This sloop restoration is inspired by the efforts of such organizations as Peet Seeger’s, Clearwater Sloop, which created a revolution in environmentalism in the 20th century.

We’ll be moving her to the Brooklyn waterfront this summer to give the community a first-hand look at the restoration.

Some of the goals we wish to accomplish with the Inspire Project:

-Video Series / Documentary highlighting partners and causes.

-Highlight American Artists, Craftsmanship, and Skill.

-Work with corporate outreach and CSR programs.

-Explain the historical significance and cultural impact of New York Harbor.

-Hire Veterans.

-Work with other nonprofit community-based organizations to improve the New York City waterfront.

-Promote access and racial diversity on the waterfront. (Community Sailing)

-Inspire and educate children unaware of environmental issues or the impact they have on the water.

-Conduct research and scientific studies of New York Harbor.

-A slate of programming that offers new and unique ways to experience the waterfront through Theater and Live Performance. Astronomy Nights, Story Telling, and other special events.