Official Festival Selection: 

US Super 8 Festival

The Seattle Social Justice Film Festival

My Hero Film Festival - Offical Winner 

Written and Directed by Mike McGuirk


Girl: Katharine Delate

Woman: Stacey Ruiz


Cinematography by Brad Reeb

Edited by Danielle Glynn

Original Score by KwangHoon Han

Narration by Tess Howsam

Casting by Heidi Lindén

Production Design by Elle Orvokki

Produced By Patricia Beaury, Jack Tarshis, Tyrone Smith, Mike McGuirk

Thank You:
Caroline Delate, Sam Guest, Lisa Maria Hall, Spectra Film & Video.


An experimental film about a young girl that discovers the beauty of filmmaking. This was shot entirely on Kodak Super 8 Vision-3 500T & 50D. This shows the range of Super 8 film the power it can convey with modern filmmaking technique.

Director’s Notes:

Women and minority filmmakers are seldom portrayed as such in cinema. That was the initial inspiration behind this piece. As a filmmaker, I think it’s my responsibility to create things that we want to see in this world as a way of improvement. If we portray certain narratives we want to see in society, then perhaps we can create new narratives in reality. I made this film to encourage filmmakers, especially those who are younger women and minorities, to take the initiative and risk to shoot on film.

I assembled a team of filmmakers I know in New York to shoot this over the course of a day. Film Forever shows us how the moving image inspires us. It captures New York and the art of filmmaking in an improvised way.

With the current state of American independent cinema, experimental cinema disappearing into an academic medium, the decline of low and middle-class filmmakers and films, how digital filmmaking is eroding away a sense of excitement with cinematography, how women and minority filmmakers are virtually never portrayed as such; I did this to remind us how important film is an art form and ideas that go against the grain are just a future that hasn’t come into focus yet.


The Dildo from Nantucket

Status: In Production
Genre: Documentary, Comedy


The Dildo from Nantucket is a witty, romantic, and imaginative documentary short exploring the story that has become the topic of literary and historical circles.


There are love stories that move us, Romeo and Julliete, Cleopatra and Mark Antony, Brittany Spears and Kevin Federline, Edward Gorey and his cats, the list goes on… but nothing could be more compelling than the Nantucket sea captain and his wife. The years spent at sea and the bleak likelihood of never seeing your seafaring soulmate ever again lead to an utterly depressing existence on the small isolated island of Nantucket.

The women of Nantucket ran the island in its prosperous whaling days while husbands were out to sea. They took matters into their own hands, pouring the foundation for a future utopia of tourism, homemade ice cream, and collectible wicker baskets. In 1979 Constance Congdon and her husband Tom discovered in their sealed off fireplace a disturbing and beautiful artifact, both a symbol of love and perseverance, an object still telling its story today.

ARC, Audio Reactive Cinema / Experimental Opera

Interactive systems and Video design by Mike McGuirk

ARC 2 - 2019

More About ARC 2:


ARC 1 - 2018

ARC stands for audio reactive cinema. It is a story and a visually immersive opera experience.

Mike explores live music performance through a collaboration of opera and cinema in an outdoor garden setting. An abstract love story is told using oral tradition and stock footage, juxtaposing the conventions of what is popular with raw human emotion. In a world of commercialized romance, virtual living, and monetized escapism, Arc explores truth and our understanding of what is real.


Mike McGuirk, filmmaker
Erin Alcorn, soprano
Ting Ting Wong, piano
Enas Tayyem, painter
Paul Giess, trumpet
Julian Hartwell, piano

Produced by David Sliski


The program is designed to give university students and entrepreneurs an unusual opportunity to intimately connect with music and cinema through a unique program coined ARC, created by filmmaker Mike McGuirk and opera singer Erin Alcorn.

Saturday, September 22 (Rain Date Oct 13)
Guests will be private messaged the location for this event.




Mike’s current work explores pressing issues in society through narrative storytelling and has been featured at screenings, including The Social Justice Film Festival, Washington; Festival de Cannes, France; and the Sarasota Film Festival, Florida. He is Masters student at the David Lynch of Cinematic Art and alumnus of Columbia College Chicago.

Praised for her “ardent expression” and beautiful, limpid quality,“ Erin has performed as a featured young artist at Carnegie Hall, Music Academy of the West, and The Dallas Opera. She has performed around the USA and Europe and has sung in Opera Philadelphia’s chorus. She is a graduate of the Oberlin Conservatory and University of North Texas College of Music and based in Philadelphia.

Ting Ting is a vocal coach and accompanist and the staff accompanist at The Academy of Vocal Arts. She has served as chorus pianist with Opera Philadelphia and assistant conductor with ConcertOPERA Philadelphia and Temple U Women Chorus. Originally from Hong Kong, she is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon U. and Temple U.

Enas is a DMD candidate at Penn’s dental school. Through her paintings, she shares her stories of self discovery in relation to her refugee status and origins in the middle east and northern Africa. Enas’s work has previous been displayed in Jordan and Houston, TX. Her current work is on display at Saxby’s in West Philly.

Paul Giess is a versatile trumpet player, composer, and educator based in Philly. He is Education Consultant and a teacher for the Philadelphia Clef Club of Jazz, Music Coordinator for the Center for Creative Works, and a recent graduate of the McKnight Visiting Composers Residency, awarded through the American Composers Forum

Julian Hartwell is an avid performed throughout the Delaware Valley and Philly area. He is currently an adjunct professor at Temple University, where he also received a bachelor degree. Career highlights include sharing the stage with major names like Christian McBride, Jimmy Heath, and Jon Faddis at Lincoln Center with the Temple University Jazz Band, in addition to appearing with the latter two musicians on that band’s release from Spring 2015 entitled “Dear Dizzy: A Tribute to Dizzy Gillespie.” Julian also leads his own group The Julian Hartwell Project, providing an ever-evolving platform for his growing repertoire of 30+ original compositions and arrangements to date and finding his voice not only as a pianist but a composer as well.

The Sun’s Shadow

by Mike McGuirk

Teaser Trailer: https://vimeo.com/200866520

The Sun's Shadow from Mike McGuirk on Vimeo.


-Internationale Kurzfilmwoche Regensburg, Regensburg Germany

-Utah Film Awards, Best Editing, Utah

-Red Rock Film Festival, Utah

-New Filmmakers, Anthology Film Archives, NYC

-Film Festival Kitzbühel, Austria

-Mitte Media Festival, Berlin

-German United Film Festival, Berlin

-IFP Center, NYC

-LightYear Bridge Projection, NYC

Presented by The Leo Kuelbs Collection

Curated by Sandra Ratkovic and Leo Kuelbs

Sound Design by Alexander Hamadey

Co-Produced by Alexandra Petruck

Director of Photography John Kelley

Editor Danielle Glynn


Margaret H Baker as “The Sun”

Jonny Footman as “Death”

And Riria Niimura as “The Moon”

Costume Design by Marisa Ferrara

Choreography by Ryan Bourque

Camera, Jonathan Mariande

3D Scanning by Jonny Footman

Animation by Mike McGuirk

  The Sun’s Shadow is a single channel video art piece by filmmaker Mike McGuirk, which was adapted from the works of 19th century Bavarian neo-gothic author and fairytale bard, Franz Xaver von Schönwerth.

  We were attracted to The Sun’s Shadow because of the rich visual characterizations and timeless themes, that still resonate today. Schönwerth narrative parallels common Greek mythology with three central themes: Death (men),  The Sun (women), and The Moon (non-gender specific entities). They quarrel for control over Earth, but, ultimately the Sun is victorious, takes pity upon Death and provides him the robe to keep performing his necessary duties.  

  We took an approach to stand-in themes of technology to convey Death as a lurking uncontrollable force. The sense of time is manipulated through editing and practical in-camera effects, which implements contemporary digital methodologies, such as manipulated Java Script, Google Deep Dream processing, and Animation; all of which are lensed cinematically in an anamorphic aspect ratio that reflects the folkloric theme of Schönwerth’s original story.  

  Alex Hamadey composed the original score using a hybrid of digital, analog and acoustic sound sources that blend in and out of the general themes, as well as the more micro-nuanced characteristics of the piece.

  Principal photography took place over the course three days in Southern Utah, shooting in Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, and Monument Valley. We were attracted to these locations because of the epic primitive landscape, removed from civilization…and we also felt a spiritual interconnectedness with the pristine native land and the thematic power of Gods existing in this environment.

  The viewer’s disbelief is suspended through spiritual symbolism that leaves a haunting feeling of a redefined existence of Death in today’s digitalized world. Death is personified as the “Technological Singularity,” frighteningly interwoven with other philosophies, such as “Roko’s Basilisk,” a thought experiment with the premise of an all-powerful, futuristic artificial intelligence with the ability to retroactively punish those who do not help bring about its existence. Themes of gender, with an emphasis on feminism, are also portrayed as a regulating force that evokes present global resistance and discourse. Our objective is to offer an alternative look at life and death as something that exists within the fabric of our universe and lives within the digital landscape.

This film was made using Java Script, Red Cinema Systems, Google Deepdream, GoPro, 16mm Film, and various digital media formats.




Ship of Fools (2014) A short film about a legendary rock photographer who documents the ill-fated band “Stranded”, the greatest rock band never known.

Ship of Fools from Mike McGuirk on Vimeo.



Offical Selection:

Court Metrage, Cannes Film Festival

Sarasota International Film Festival

Woods Hole Film Festival 

CineVision Festival 

St. Tropez International Film Festival