Official Festival Selection: 

US Super 8 Festival

The Seattle Social Justice Film Festival

My Hero Film Festival - Offical Winner 

Written and Directed by Mike McGuirk


Girl: Katharine Delate

Woman: Stacey Ruiz


Cinematography by Brad Reeb

Edited by Danielle Glynn

Original Score by KwangHoon Han

Narration by Tess Howsam

Casting by Heidi Lindén

Production Design by Elle Orvokki

Produced By Patricia Beaury, Jack Tarshis, Tyrone Smith, Mike McGuirk

Thank You:
Caroline Delate, Sam Guest, Lisa Maria Hall, Spectra Film & Video.


An experimental film about a young girl that discovers the beauty of filmmaking. This was shot entirely on Kodak Super 8 Vision-3 500T & 50D. This shows the range of Super 8 film the power it can convey with modern filmmaking technique.

Director’s Notes:

Women and minority filmmakers are seldom portrayed as such in cinema. That was the initial inspiration behind this piece. As a filmmaker, I think it’s my responsibility to create things that we want to see in this world as a way of improvement. If we portray certain narratives we want to see in society, then perhaps we can create new narratives in reality. I made this film to encourage filmmakers, especially those who are younger women and minorities, to take the initiative and risk to shoot on film.

I assembled a team of filmmakers I know in New York to shoot this over the course of a day. Film Forever shows us how the moving image inspires us. It captures New York and the art of filmmaking in an improvised way.

With the current state of American independent cinema, experimental cinema disappearing into an academic medium, the decline of low and middle-class filmmakers and films, how digital filmmaking is eroding away a sense of excitement with cinematography, how women and minority filmmakers are virtually never portrayed as such; I did this to remind us how important film is an art form and ideas that go against the grain are just a future that hasn’t come into focus yet.