Experimental Projects:

BLISS FACTORY & Colonel Panix 6/20/20 from Mike McGuirk on Vimeo.

Audio Reactive Black Hole from Mike McGuirk on Vimeo.

DUMBO de Los Muertos (2017) Projection Map Experiment

This is a mixed media painting and video projection map installation.


Transcending (2017)

April 21st, 2017 | Harrison, Maine - Single channel video art piece that uses sound and imagery to depict a specific moment of transcendence. A zoom effect was used to stabilize and create the desired pixilated effect. Three tracks of audio are used to compose the soundscape. The VHF signal is sourced from http://livemeteors.com


Chicago 2007

Chicago 2007 is a soundscape piece that was shot around the Chicago financial district at the time of the 2007 economic recession. This piece explores the relationship to money, power, and institution. 


Formalist Narrative (2008)

Single Channel Video, Projection Installation. (Chicago, 2008) This study on the juxtaposition of film and digital capture is a meditation on the filmmaker’s relationship to life and the creative process. This film was designed for a gallery setting with both a 16mm film and digital projection.