About Bliss Factory

Bliss Factory started in a warehouse loft what was once the E.W. Bliss Factory, which manufactured wartime goods such as torpedoes, shrapnel and armor-piercing projectiles.

Bliss Factory is a new kind of social impact channel, production company, and arts organization dedicated to supporting artists and charitable causes.

Bliss Factory serves as an incubator for new projects such as Concerts / Festivals, Live Cinema, Short Form Content, Video Art, Talks, Workshops, and other types of media Productions. 

Our core philosophy is to support the production of art and media as tools against pain and suffering, keeping an open mind to ideas at the cutting edge.

Bliss Factory is a non-profit producing live-streaming & immersive events for charitable causes.

Mike McGuirk

Tyrone Smith

Patricia Beaury

Charitable Causes
Brendan McGuirk

Development Officer
Ryan Bourque