Bliss Factory inc. serves as an incubator for social impact initiatives and media projects.

We create jobs and represent critical issues impacting our communities. 

We partner with others to produce meaningful and unique productions to solve challenging problems.

Bliss Factory Inclusion & Equality

We recognize our community includes LGBTQ+ Identifying, Black & Minorities, Refugees, Veterans, Native Americans, those with mental and physical health problems, all marginalized members of the community, and simply those who do not have upward economic ability.

All Bliss Factory productions, team members, and affiliates dedicate themselves to creating an uplifting experience.

All funds or donations received go directly into Bliss Factory inc. productions and causes we support.

Bliss Factory inc. is a qualified nonprofit 501(c)3 | GuideStar 

Have an idea? Want to get involved? We partner with artists, venues, and companies on new projects.

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